We’re always inspired to create new recipes

“The cooking here is excellent…the kitchen here lives up to expectations…Le Vacherin is not just a brilliant local restaurant, it is rare enough in its quality of produce, its purity of intention and its enthusiasm to be considered worth travelling to from anywhere in London.” 

– Giles Coren, The Times


Authentic feel to this comfortable brasserie, with its brown leather banquette seating, mirrors and belle époque prints. French classics from snails to duck confit; beef is a speciality.

– Michelin guide inspectors


“Best Classic cuisine that makes your heart go faster.”

– Matthew Norman, The Independent on Sunday

(Vegetarian Menu must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours in advance)



Indulge yourself with these delicious desserts

“The chocolate fondant was properly gooey and predictably delicious. Vanilla crème brûlée was workmanlike, but a pleasingly sharp tarte fine aux pommes with caramel Ice cream was a triumph of the pastry chef’s art.”

– Matthew Norman, the Independent.



We have a range of different beverages

Le Vacherin is the best nightspot for trying out expert mixes made with the delicious new range of Schweppes 1783 naturally flavoured mixers.


The all-new premium collection honours the pioneering effervescence that Schweppes has been famed for since bubbles began, thanks to Jacob Schweppe – the first person to find a way of capturing and bottling up bubbles.


You’re probably already familiar with Schweppes for providing the essential fizz-filled refreshment in a gin and tonic, but this new range – inspired by the master and carefully crafted by a team of mixologists – not only pairs well with gin, but provides the perfect pairing for all kinds of premium spirits.